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Cutting Edge Consciousness Podcast by Barnet Bain

Cutting Edge Consciousness Podcast

by Barnet Bain

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Cutting Edge Consciousness is cohosted by film producer and creativity expert Barnet Bain along with author and internationally recognized transformational coach Freeman Michaels. Their ongoing conversation explores spirituality and consciousness, featuring some of the leading transformational voices in the world today. Connect with the hosts of Cutting Edge Consciousness on Facebook. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

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  • Dawson Church: Energy Over Information
    12 Fri,, Dec

    There is a revolution in science. Dawson Church joins Barnet and Freeman to talk about how science is moving toward the mystical. We discuss epigenetics-a new way of looking at human biology. For more about Dawson's work, please visit www.dawsonchurch.com.

  • Philip Shepherd: A Crisis of Mattering
    5 Fri,, Dec

    As a culture, we have made our "mattering" (a sense that we matter as human beings) conditional. We have put requirements on something that is innate and not bound by conditions. Philip Shepherd joins CEC for the second time to talk about how we have disconnected from our innate mattering, which is expressed most clearly in how we live in our heads. Getting back into our bodies is required if we are going to reclaim our inherent connection to life.For more information about Philip's work, please visit www.philipshepherd.com.

  • Byron Katie: Innate Mattering Lies Underneath Stressful Thoughts
    28 Fri,, Nov

    Byron Katie joins Barnet and Freeman for a powerful conversation about our need to know we matter. Insecure thoughts tend to attach to outcomes we believe make us matter. The truth is our mattering is innate-no one or nothing can make us matter, and no one can take it away.For more information about Byron Katie's work, please visit www.thework.com.

  • Jake Ducey Is a New World Wanting to Emerge
    21 Fri,, Nov

    Best-selling millennial author Jake Ducey joins Barnet and Freeman to explain why young people are rejecting the old world belief structure. Jake paints a clear picture of how uncertainty is empowering to his generation.For more information about Jake's work, please visit www.jakeducey.com.

  • Ocean Robbins: A Food Revolution
    14 Fri,, Nov

    Ocean Robbins joins Barnet and Freeman to discuss food consciousness. This is a really important conversation about what we are choosing to consume, both individually and collectively.For more information about Ocean's important work, please visit www.oceanrobbins.com.

  • Neale Donald Walsch: Growing Out of Our Story of Separation
    7 Fri,, Nov

    In this amazing episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness, author Neale Donald Walsch joins Barnet and Freeman for a powerful conversation about the state of our awareness. There is a fundamental story of separation that distorts our perception of reality. The popular story about God, also known as religion, tends to perpetuate a story of separation, where God is separate from us. This separation theology leads to a separation cosmology, which leads to separation psychology, which leads to separation sociology-all of this creates a separation pathology (pathological behaviors of self-destruction).For more information about Neale's latest book and all the things he is doing, please visit www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/.

  • Chris Attwood: Habitually Successful
    31 Fri,, Oct

    Success is a habit. We all have the ability to direct our attention towards what it is we want to generate and create in our lives-most people simply don't know that success is a by-product of deliberate intention and focused attention. When we are clear on our intention and we organize ritualized practices around this empowered intent, our experience begins to align with where we are placing our focus. Best-selling author Chris Attwood joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and insightful conversation about his new book, Your Hidden Riches: Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose.For more information about Chris' empowering work, please visit thehiddenriches.com/.

  • Darryl Anka (Bashar): Balance Is Power
    24 Fri,, Oct

    Darryl Anka graces Cutting Edge Consciousness for the fourth time with his wisdom and wit, discussing balance. Life is for learning. It is important to maintain a reverence for the learning process. When a teacher is also learning along with the student, then the relationship between student and teacher is quite beautiful. But when the student abdicates too much authority, or the teacher assumes too much power, then the process becomes tainted.This conversation extends into other areas of life where we give up authority to conditioned ideals. We self-abandon to try and please others. Doing this erodes relationships and causes disharmony in our lives. For more information about Darryl's work and the channeling of Bashar, please visit www.bashar.org.

  • Dianne Collins: Quantum Think and Leadership
    17 Fri,, Oct

    Dianne Collins joins Barnet and Freeman to share her perspective about leadership. Dianne is the author of Do You Quantum Think? and the creator of the QuantumThink system of thinking. This is a very thought-provoking conversation.For more information about Dianne's work, please visit www.quantumthink.com.

  • Mark McKergow: Human Dignity Must Be Maintained
    10 Fri,, Oct

    Mark McKergow joins Freeman and Barnet to talk about "Host Leadership." Host Leadership seems to really honor and support the dignity of people within an organization. When people feel honored, seen, and valued, they perform differently than when they are objectified under traditional "Top-Down" Management. In all areas of life, maintaining human dignity seems critical for people to thrive.For more about Mark's remarkable work, please visit http://hostleadership.com/.

  • John Gray: Addicted to Distraction
    26 Fri,, Sep

    Our world is full of stimuli and distraction-and many of us have become addicted to constant, and intense, stimulation. John Gray describes it as a "hyper" world, and we must practice slowing down and consciously directing our focus if we are going to have happy and fulfilling lives. Slowing down creates self-awareness, and ultimately, conscious choice.John joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and empowering conversation on this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness.For more about John's new book, Staying Focused in a Hyper World: Natural Solutions For ADHD, Memory and Brain Performance, and his work, please visit www.marsvenus.com.

  • Christine Hassler: Expectation Hangover
    19 Fri,, Sep

    Expectation can be an unhealthy attachment to a fantasy about how our lives "should" look or what a certain experience "should" feel like. This type of expectation binds us to a limited menu of possibility. Christine Hassler joins Barnet and Freeman for a great conversation about expectation on Cutting Edge Consciousness.For more about Christine's work, please visit www.christinehassler.com.

  • William Whitecloud: Magic Is About Relating to Reality Differently
    12 Fri,, Sep

    Magic is simply a different relationship with mystery. It involves pulling possibilities out of a field of infinite possibility. It is primarily about having the ability to focus our attention in such a way that we begin to relate to everything differently. William Whitecloud joins Barnet and Freeman for a wonderful conversation about making magic by attuning to frequencies that generate a particular experience.For more information about William's work, please visit www.williamwhitecloud.com.

  • Dawa Tarchin Phillips: A Mindset of Growth and Compassionate Awareness Mends Separation
    29 Fri,, Aug

    Many of us have a tendency to compartmentalize our lives into separate categories we meet with different adaptive personality identities. This "split" takes us out of our empowered, authentic self. Becoming centered and grounded in a profound sense of who we are allows us to meet the myriad aspects of life with a single disposition. Our birthright is to be able to simply show up authentically without needing to "do" anything to succeed or survive. Dawa Tarchin Phillips joins Freeman and Barnet to talk about the mindset and practices most conducive to "flow" and authentic consistency.For more information about Dawa's work, please visit www.bodhipath.org/dawa.

  • Michael Lennox: Awakening to a Lucid Life
    22 Fri,, Aug

    Dream expert, Dr. Michael Lennox, joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and very informative conversation about both the sleeping dream and the waking dream. The trick is to be lucid in both-marked by a level of consciousness where life becomes more fluid and more fun.For more information about Dr. Michael Lennox's work, please visit www.dreaminginterpretation.com.

  • Fabrizio Mancini: Trusting Ourselves and Letting the Universe Lead
    15 Fri,, Aug

    Our perception of what is best for our lives is not always accurate. Faith is a trust in the unfolding of our lives. But there is also a "knowing" that we can tap in to that can help guide our decisions. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini refers to this inner knowing as "trust"-a developed capacity to rely on one's own, internal, knowing. As we learn to trust ourselves, we can also learn to tap in to the same internal wisdom to perceive whether others are trustworthy. Together, a combination of faith and trust can be relied on to guide our lives in the best possible way.For more about Dr. Fab's work, please visit www.drfabmancini.com.

  • Doug Rauch: Conscious Capitalism—A New Way of Doing Business
    8 Fri,, Aug

    The former president of Trader Joe's, and current CEO of the nonprofit organization Conscious Capitalism, joins Barnet and Freeman for a tremendous conversation about a new way of doing business. The new way of doing business is both a returning to the fundamentals of business, having to do with operating with clear and expressed values, for the purpose of creating value, against the backdrop of a new level of transparency spawned by social media. This conversation is a bit subtle as to just how powerful it is-the relevance of this topic and this particular dialogue is truly significant.For more about Doug Rauch's work, please visit www.consciouscapitalism.org.

  • Arielle Ford: Loving an Imperfect Partner Grows Your Soul
    1 Fri,, Aug

    Arielle Ford joins Barnet and Freeman for an important conversation. We are programmed by a society that projects images of perfection NO ONE can live up to. Arielle makes the point that in learning to love our imperfections and the beautiful imperfections of our partner, our soul grows. We become more human in the most gracious sense-a reflection of the divine-AND life just becomes a lot more fulfilling.For more information about Arielle's work, please visit www.soulmatesecret.com. And to receive the special gift that Arielle mentions on the show, please visit www.soulmatesecret.com/wabisabilove/gifts.

  • Terry Tillman: The Heart Path IS Mysterious
    25 Fri,, Jul

    Following our heart, and leading with a heartfelt intention, will generate profound experiences. This heart-led operating imperative can be trusted. What the results will look like is impossible to anticipate. There is more and more mystery, the more we let our hearts truly lead us. Terry Tillman joins Barnet and Freeman for an incredible conversation.For more information about Terry's amazing work, please visit www.227company.com/home/index.html.

  • Preston Smiles: Community Is the New Currency
    18 Fri,, Jul

    The exchange of energy is the only thing that is real. The material world is an illusion. Love is the most precious commodity-it is the energy with the highest value. But it is not something to be hoarding; it is something to be given away as often and as much as possible. To the degree we give it away, it grows. Preston Smiles, from The Love Mob, joins Barnet and Freeman for an inspiring look at exchanging love to build a reliable community with an evolved system of exchange.For more information about Preston's work, please visit www.prestonsmiles.com.

  • Sister Jenna: The Seed of God in Each of Us
    4 Fri,, Jul

    Sister Jenna, of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual tradition, joins Barnet and Freeman for a great conversation about spiritual evolution. Purity, peace, and happiness are our natural state-but we must learn to peel away layers of attachment to find the seed of God that transforms our lives. Then discipline and practice become gifts rather than burdens-they help to lighten our load rather than inhibit us.For more information about Sister Jenna, please visit: http://www.meditationmuseum.org/.

  • Sam Polk: Recovering From Greed to Find a Fulfilling Focus
    27 Fri,, Jun

    Greed is an illness. Lusting for money and power represents an addiction based on a distorted belief structure. For many years, Sam Polk had his priorities organized around winning in a very small game that centered on self-aggrandizement. His great awakening set a new course and established a new set of priorities for his life, which have led to far greater fulfillment. The journey is ongoing-but Barnet and Freeman love the direction he's heading in. This is a powerful testimonial to waking up from the collective trance and finding more substantial pursuits, which will invariably lead to greater fulfillment.For more information about Sam's work, please visit www.samuelpolk.com.

  • Thomas John: Empowered Predictions
    20 Fri,, Jun

    Thomas John, medium, joins Barnet and Freeman for a wonderful show about psychic phenomenon-and the power to see into the future. Thomas is very clear that his ability to prognosticate, and see things that others cannot perceive, is only intended to serve. Barnet, specifically, is served by Thomas' remarkable ability in this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness.

  • Daphne Kingma: The Turmoil of Transformation
    13 Fri,, Jun

    The soul's journey is one of transformation. Transformation involves turmoil. Transformation is a natural process of undoing, where the self we have come to identify with, the self we constructed to keep us safe, comes apart. Through this process we are dragged into the deep water of our emotions, where we can be changed in the most meaningful and important ways. If we can trust the waves of feelings and allow them to take us on a ride, we often find we are quite gracefully carried back to shore. Daphne Kingma joins Barnet and Freeman for a delicious conversation about the throws of turmoil that transform us.For more information about Daphne's amazing work, please visit www.daphnekingma.com.

  • GP Walsh: A Place of Perfect Satisfaction
    6 Fri,, Jun

    A life lived simply trying to please primal desires cannot be ultimately filling. The hamster wheel of desire never ends-it is perpetual and distracting. Consciousness is the ability to direct our desires toward something greater than simple worldly achievement. When we identify with something bigger than desire, we become purposeful and empowered. When we become attuned to "the something" that wants to unfold through us, our wants become less constricted to worldly outcomes and less addictive in the way they consume our attention. Our choices and behavior take on an integrity. Our base desires are held in a greater context-they're just wants on the way to an emergent possibility. We surrender our survival impulse to a creative and evolutionary impulse that naturally emerges out of who we really are. This is a short synopsis of our compelling conversation with GP Walsh on this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness.

  • James Van Praagh: The Critic’s Role in Our Evolving Consciousness
    30 Fri,, May

    Psychic medium, best-selling author, television producer, and media personality James Van Praagh joins Barnet and Freeman for a conversation about criticism. It seems that being true to ourselves, and offering our gift in the world, evokes some amount of resistance from "our universe." James Van Praagh is no stranger to skepticism and ridicule-but his clarity of intention has consistently won out over the small-minded criticism that he has faced in the public media. James is a joy-filled gift who shares his wisdom, along with a few laughs, on this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness.For more about James' work, please visit www.vanpraagh.com.

  • Joe Dispenza: Consciously Evoking the Placebo Effect
    23 Fri,, May

    Dr. Joe Dispenza is back on Cutting Edge Consciousness for another engaging conversation with Barnet and Freeman. This round is especially interesting as the guest and hosts explore the creative space wherein something truly new can immerge. While Dr. Joe has a brand-new book, You Are the Placebo, which serves to enrich this dialogue, the conversation is very much an extension of the two previous conversations with Dr. Joe on CEC. The ability to direct our experience hits a roadblock when it bumps up against our conditioned imagination-only by intentionally following a feeling can we generate something that is truly "new."For more on Dr. Joe Dispenza, please visit www.drjoedispenza.com.

  • Patrick Doherty: Grand Strategy
    16 Fri,, May

    Consumer consciousness is a by-product of the grand strategy that won the Cold War. By winning the world over to capitalism, we have pushed our planet to the brink-the current operating system is not sustainable; it's time for new grand strategy. Patrick Doherty joins Barnet and Freeman for intriguing conversation about policy at the highest level. This is an important conversation on Cutting Edge Consciousness.

  • Bill Harris: Awareness Trumps Willpower
    9 Fri,, May

    Creating our experience via our conscious perception, directed attention, and thoughtful interpretation can be enhanced by technology. Bill Harris, who is known by many to be one of the featured teachers on the film The Secret, joins Barnet and Freeman for a significant conversation about awareness. Bill has developed an important technology to enhance and aid people in achieving a contemplative state of consciousness. This awareness, from Bill's perspective, is the only way to truly choose the course of our lives.

  • Panache Desai: Developing an Unreasonable Ability to Relax
    2 Fri,, May

    Control is a recipe for struggle. Life will not deliver on the promises of our narrow definition of success. We can pursue the collectively agreed upon formula, only to find that it is an empty promise. On this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness, Panache Desai joins Barnet and Freeman for a deep conversation about living a rich and rewarding life by following our Soul Signature.For more about Panache Desai and his amazing work, please visit http://www.panachedesai.com/.

  • Betsy Chasse: Sacred Irreverence
    25 Fri,, Apr

    Author (Tipping Sacred Cows) and filmmaker (What the Bleep Do We Know!?) Betsy Chasse joins Freeman and Barnet for a fantastically fun and irreverent conversation about consciousness.

  • Zhena Muzyka: Is Love Enough?
    18 Fri,, Apr

    Our innate well-being and natural "enoughness" is something that we come to believe in and we commit, from our hearts, to living by this premise inspite of feedback from our society, culture, and religious traditions that we are not enough. Zhena Muzyka, conscious entrepreneur and author of Life by the Cup, joins Barnet and Freeman for a delicious conversation about drinking life in from moment to moment. And this includes accepting the uncomfortable moments with a gracious understanding that discomfort is often part of learning and growing. And learning and growing are fundamental to living a rich and rewarding life.

  • Carl Studna: Abounding Beauty—Life From an Artist’s Frame of Reference
    11 Fri,, Apr

    Renowned photographer Carl Studna joins Barnet and Freeman for a really wonderful conversation about beauty. We can reach transcendent states by exploring the depth of our pain, but we can also reach these states of consciousness by exalting in beauty. Carl is a master at witnessing and capturing beauty. His latest book, Click: Choosing Love One Frame at a Time, is an exploration of his extraordinary point of view and artistic perspective toward life. To find out more about Carl's amazing work, please visit http://www.carlstudna.com.

  • Samantha Bennett: Organizing Our Thoughts and Attention to Overcome Procrastination
    4 Fri,, Apr

    Sam Bennett joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun, creative and valuable conversation about making empowering choices and getting things done. For more information about Sam Bennett's valuable work, please visit: http://theorganizedartistcompany.com/.

  • Tara Brach: From “Help” to a Creative and Spontaneous Response to Insecurity
    28 Fri,, Mar

    The start of spiritual awakening is generally a response to an inherent human cry for "help." There are a lot of false refuges that we have tried to apply to the insecurity of our lives, individually and collectively-but the day has dawned where we cannot pretend any longer. Awakening from the trance-like state of denial is a spiritual maturing required to meet the challenges of our time. Tara joins Barnet and Freeman for a deep conversation about spiritual awakening.

  • Shamar Rimpoche: Awakening From Delusion
    21 Fri,, Mar

    Materialism (greed) and worldly distraction cause suffering. Shamar Rinpoche, the 14th Shamarpa (The Red Hat Lama of Tibet), joins Barnet and Freeman for an enlightening conversation about enlightenment.Specifically, they discuss the "awakening" process on the path to enlightenment.For more information about Shamar Rimpoche and his teachings, please visit www.bodhipath.org/.

  • Rikka Zimmerman: Being Met at a High Level of Love
    14 Fri,, Mar

    Rikka Zimmerman has always been a lover but being met at the level of love that matches her truest potential has been elusive-until now. The process of falling deeply in love with herself has generated a "soul mate." In this really fun conversation, Barnet and Freeman and Rikka explore the topic of love, as an attractor and as a creative force in the universe.For more information about Rikka Zimmerman's work, including her wonderful music, please visit: http://rikkazimmerman.com/.

  • Kute Blackson: The Courage to Be Weak
    7 Fri,, Mar

    There is a prevailing message in our culture to be strong. We are collectively infatuated with stories of triumph over obstacles. But there are seasons in life, and all seasons must be honored. In this amazing show, Barnet Bain shares his experience with a dying friend, which prompts a powerful conversation between Barnet and Kute.For more information about Kute Blackson's profound work, please visit http://www.kuteblackson.com/.

  • Debra Poneman: Trust in Miracles Requires Spiritual Maturity
    28 Fri,, Feb

    "Yes to Success" founder and best-selling author, Debra Poneman, joins Barnet and Freeman for a fantastic conversation about miracles.

  • Raymond Aaron: A Short Bridge Is Key to Success
    21 Fri,, Feb

    Best-selling author, entrepreneurial genius, and renowned adventurer Raymond Aaron shows up for a great conversation about success.

  • John J. Murphy—The Zen Entrepreneur: A New Way of Doing Business
    14 Fri,, Feb

    Freeman and Barnet invite John J. Murphy onto Cutting Edge Consciousness to discuss some of the principles of his latest book, Zentrepreneur. This is a wonderful conversation about a different way of doing business.

  • Love and Fear, With Orna and MatthewWalters
    7 Fri,, Feb

    Fear is an obstacle to love-it prevents us from opening up and drives defensive patterns of thinking and behavior that block intimacy and connection. Relationship experts and real life couple Orna and Matthew Walters join Barnet and Freeman for an important and powerful conversation about integrating our fears into our relationship expectations. We become capable of having real relationships when we can embrace fear as a natural part of the experience.

  • Shefali Tsabary: Imperfect Parenting Is Conscious Parenting
    31 Fri,, Jan

    Our children deserve parents who are committed to an authentic parent/child journey-NOT some fantasy of "perfection." Radical self-acceptance creates a fluid growth experience, where parents grow with their children. There are clearly certain skills and techniques to support parents, but when we become over invested in getting it "right," we have gotten it all wrong. Child psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary joins Barnet and Freeman for an important conversation about Conscious Parenting.

  • Karen Hoyos: Making Friends With the Ego
    24 Fri,, Jan

    Our ego is not the enemy. Trying to be "egoless" is an ego trip no matter how spiritual we think we are. But making a friend of the ego and having a relationship with our ego allows us to become more real and more authentic. Karen Hoyos joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and profound conversation about integrating the adaptive aspects of our self into our personal reality (personality) so the we can let our essential "light" shine.

  • Real-Life Love: The Wives Keep It Real on 2014 “Wives' Show”
    17 Fri,, Jan

    In long-term committed relationships, life is not a fairytale-from aging and illness to financial setbacks and any number of real-life challenges-relationships are tested. Sandy Stuart (Bain) and Jasmine Michaels join the program for the third annual "Wives' Show." This is another intimate look into the relationships of our hosts and their life partners.

  • Jim Selman: Where Am I Growing To?
    27 Fri,, Dec

    Elders who have grown to really embrace change and learning make terrific models in our world today. Jim Selman is a master learner who has made a tremendous mark on the world but has no intention of basking in his accomplishment. This wonderful man joins Barnet and Freeman for a great conversation about the role of elders in our community.

  • Adam C. Hall: Undeveloping the Inner Landscape to Repair the Outer Environment
    20 Fri,, Dec

    This is a powerful conversation between Land Developer turned conservationist Adam C. Hall and hosts Freeman and Barnet. Trying to manipulate, dominate, and control our physical environment is a symptom of an inner disorder. Correcting the order of priorities is an inside job, which leads to profoundly different choices.

  • Arjuna Ardagh: Consciousness Is Better Than Sex
    13 Fri,, Dec

    Finding flow and tapping an inner source generates a sustainable euphoria. Arjuna returns to Cutting Edge Consciousness to talk about accessing an innate state of being where vitality and inspiration are normal.For more information about Arjuna's work, please visit http://arjunaardagh.com/.

  • Richard Blanco: Inaugural Poet Uses Words to Bring Us Back to Ourselves
    29 Fri,, Nov

    Words can be crafted to provide a pathway inward. The Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco, joins Barnet and Freeman to explore the creative process of self-discovery that poetry provides. In this really beautiful episode, three artists explore their own journey with words to find themselves and discover more about life.

  • Marianne Williamson: A Vision of Possibility
    22 Fri,, Nov

    Best-selling author and activist Marianne Williamson joins Barnet and Freeman for a dynamic and powerful conversation about her vision of becoming a congresswoman. This visionary leader holds a sense of possibility that is distinctly different from the current trajectory our country is heading in. She shares her ideas, along with her reason for running for public office, in this compelling episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness.For more information about Marianne's work, please visit: http://www.marianne.com/.

  • When Our Head Cuts Us off From the Whole
    8 Fri,, Nov

    Tuning in to a resonance that our body can receive and respond to is not possible when we are trying to think our way through life. Philip Shepherd joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels for a deep conversation about reconnecting to the world through our bodies, with our heads simply playing a role in the experience but no longer dominating it. For more information about Philip Shepherd's book and his powerful work, please visit philipshepherd.com.

  • Eric Pearl: Reconnection Accesses Our Natural and Unique Healing
    1 Fri,, Nov

    Susan Leahy sits in for Barnet this week, joining Freeman in welcoming Eric Pearl to Cutting Edge Consciousness. This is a delightful conversation about reconnecting-referencing Eric Pearl's amazing healing modality, the theme for the show is connecting to our innate well-being.For more information about Eric Pearl's work and workshops, please visit http://www.thereconnection.com/.

  • Raphael Cushnir: Spiritual Arrogance
    11 Fri,, Oct

    There is a humility required to continue to grow-when we pretend to have evolved beyond difficult feelings or complicated situations we are missing the mark. Spiritual growth is ALWAYS "ongoing"-there is no arrival.Raphael Cushnir joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and informative conversation.

  • Darryl Anka (Bashar): When Ignoring the Creative Impulse Becomes Too Risky
    27 Fri,, Sep

    Darryl Anka joins Barnet and Freeman for a powerful conversation about the impulse to risk what we have known in order to grow out of our self-imposed limitations. The world is changing, and transformational media is a new frontier for growth. Barnet is making a film based on a book by Eckhart Tolle called Milton's Secret, and Darryl is making a new film called Bashar: First Contact on the heals of his recently released film Dearly Departed.For information about Darryl's films, please visit: http://ziafilms.com/. For information about Milton's Secret, please visit:http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/milton-s-secret-the-movie-from-the-book-by-eckhart-tolle.

  • Anthony Meindl: An Artful Life
    20 Fri,, Sep

    There is so much to be learned from having a creative outlet-specifically from acting. This is a wonderful conversation between three men who love the craft of acting and who share the gifts that acting has given to each of them.

  • Panache Desai: Disarming Our Internal Weapons of Mass Destruction to Become Instruments of Peace
    13 Fri,, Sep

    When we learn to tap into a particular energy, most simply described as "Love," we become like tuning forks-we help others realign, energetically, simply by our presence. When we come to understand the energetic nature of the universe, we recognize that internal conflict is reflected in external conflict. When we lovingly collect our personal fragments, we help organize the universal energy of the planet.

  • Owning the Shadow of Civil War in Syria
    30 Fri,, Aug

    Freeman and Barnet personalize the conflict in Syria. Owning the shadow reflection allows us to respond from the most appropriate and empowered place. The chaos and fear that is playing out, as a civil war in Syria, is both an external and internal expression of something that requires our attention. How to respond becomes an inside job-we are both the problem and answer to all that we see and perceive.

  • Swami Muktananda: Doing Business in Service to the Divine
    23 Fri,, Aug

    When we are connected to a sense of meaning and purpose derived from an inner understanding of our true nature, anything can be an expression of service to the divine. Swami Muktananda joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels for a delightful and enlightening conversation about living vocationally.

  • Bob Proctor: Radical Giving
    16 Fri,, Aug

    The key to a life of abundance and prospering lies in "giving." We grow and expand in proportion to our ability to give. When we are gifted with an inspiration, we must find a way to share it. When we embody a unique stream of possibility, when our hearts and minds are tuned in to a sense of purpose, we become empowered. Bob Proctor joins Barnet and Freeman for a fun and enlightening conversation about the deep and inherent value each person has to contribute. Bob brings up a word, "praxis," which represents an integration of heart and head-this is where belief meets behavior and we BECOME our great contribution.

  • Gabriel Nossovitch: The Quality of the Question and Space to Explore
    9 Fri,, Aug

    Certain questions have a quality that invites possibilities. We get comfortable in what we know-many of us need to consciously create the space to "not know." Part of the process of opening up and allowing something new to come in involves putting down our position or our agenda-letting go of the way we have done things so we can learn something new. Gabriel is a master trainer who joins Freeman as a friend and mentor to discuss corporate training. In a corporate setting, companies can grow to meet their greatest potential when they embark on a sincere inquiry. It is challenging, but it is also beautiful. Companies have a unique opportunity to be organizational agents of transformation.Please visit Gabriel's website to learn more about his corporate programs: http://www.thenossovitchgroup.com/about-nossovitch-group/gabriel-nossovitch/.You will also find a link here to the work Freeman does within Gabriel's program:http://www.thenossovitchgroup.com/about-nossovitch-group/freeman-michaels/.

  • Thomas Huebl: A Culture of Consciousness
    2 Fri,, Aug

    Developing a culture committed to possibility is part of Thomas Huebl's mission. In this remarkable conversation, Barnet and Freeman engage Thomas in a spacious exploration of an emerging humanity. This "cutting edge" consciousness suggests our lives can become more and more of an unfolding where the ground rises to meet us at the level of our divine nature. At this stage of awakening to possibility, life is emerging through us-aligned with the intelligence of the universe that is innate in us and being expressed through us.

  • Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati:A Drop of Water Contains the Essence of the Ocean
    26 Fri,, Jul

    Our essence is divine despite our distorted perception. This week Sadhvi Saraswati joins Barnet and Freeman for a deep conversation about dismantling small-mindedness and hierarchy and reclaiming our God-self.

  • Richard Barrett: Free From the Familiar
    19 Fri,, Jul

    We tend to track back to what has been-rather than orient towards what can be. There is discomfort in moving out of familiar patterns-this includes behaviors and thinking, but it also includes familiar patterns of perception. Our values can take us beyond our present paradigm-they can carry us through the discomfort that arises as we wander towards a generous future. A strong sense of what we value allows us to live more and more in an expansive awareness and becoming very present with all of the possibilities that are flowing through our consciousness. We come to rely on our soul to find expression through us as possibilities that align with our values find form in our lives.

  • Sister Pat Shines Her Love
    12 Fri,, Jul

    Freeman and Barnet discuss the presence Sister Pat embodies that provides healing to incarcerated youth. This is a wonderful show about how love heals.

  • Dain Heer: A Place of Perfection
    5 Fri,, Jul

    There is a consciousness that each of us can achieve where we understand that everything is perfect-this profound perspective generates a space where we can hold all the fragments and seemingly disjointed elements of our experience without any need to try and fix or mend anything. Entering this euphoric state is what Dr. Dain Heer does when he works with clients. This is a great conversation about our true nature and real potential as human beings.

  • BS With Barnet: Returning From a Head Trip—Getting Back in the Body
    28 Fri,, Jun

    Barnet's wife, Sandi, joins Barnet and Freeman for a very powerful conversation about loving someone through their painful patterns. You don't get to 30 years of marriage, folks, without really learning to love someone right through their own feelings of "unlovableness." She then drops a bomb on us, just before the break-this is real radio.

  • Alison Armstrong: The Partnership Paradigm
    21 Fri,, Jun

    A new possibility has opened up for men and women post-dependency and inequality, which fostered an adversarial relationship between men and women. Alison Armstrong joins Barnet and Freeman for a powerful conversation about the power of partnership.

  • Stories and Strategies From the Past Are Insufficient to Navigate the Creative Future
    14 Fri,, Jun

    Barnet just returned from the C2-MTL Conference sponsored by Cirque du Soleil entitled "Commerce and Creativity." The world is changing fast; we need a new operating system to handle the changes. This is a great conversation, as Barnet and Freeman explore innovation, creativity, and transformation.

  • Rikka Zimmerman: Recovering From a Rant
    7 Fri,, Jun

    When we get triggered and go into our victim story, blaming and projecting on whoever or whatever lies in our path, there is a recovery process that is required to get back to our greatness. Rikka Zimmerman works with people on letting go of the positions that keep them locked in a limiting self-perception. Surrendering to our greatness, our divinity, is a process of letting go of our conditioned identity and accepting our birthright. Our birthright is splendor and greatness-but we have become distracted by constricted expectations and layers of judgment that bind us to a very small story of possibility.

  • Joe Dispenza: Developing a Mature Innocence and Overcoming Our Personality
    31 Fri,, May

    With an expansive perspective, a mature sense of self, and a BIG dose of "silly," we can begin moving forward with our eyes wide open into the unknown. But we must be able to overcome our personality-our personal reality. Most of us don't have the discipline and commitment to extend beyond our comfort zone regularly enough to invite in mysterious and mystical experiences.Joe Dispenza joins Barnet and Freeman for a truly thought-provoking discussion from the edge of possibility.

  • Jean Houston: Pathologize or Mythologize
    17 Fri,, May

    Pathologizing is about trying to fix problems-but mythologizing is a deeper perspective. When we begin to recognize the mythological themes in our human experience, we deepen-our lives begin to reflect a profound human experience that links us across time and space to a universal consciousness. Jean Houston shares her timeless perspective with Barnet and Freeman on this remarkable edition of Cutting Edge Consciousness.

  • Jeddah Mali: Intensity Brings Us Into the Present Tense
    10 Fri,, May

    In this episode, Freeman relays an experience he had driving through a firestorm on his way into the KVTA studio (he actually drove through the area where the "Springs Fire" began, a fire which ultimately burned over 22,000 acres). Jeddah Mali joins the conversation and suggests that there is an opportunity in disaster to become more aware and clearer. Sometime we are sort of "forced" to access or tap into our senses in intense moments. This can open us up to senses that may have been dulled. The awakening of senses can lead to profound transformation-a "new normal," in which life, in general, becomes more vivid and alive.

  • Jay Fiset: Beyond Blame, There Is Freedom
    3 Fri,, May

    Best-selling author and master trainer, Jay Fiset, joins Barnet and Freeman for an important discussion about blame and the universe beyond it. We can only begin exploring this uncharted territory of our true potential when we realize we are shackled by our small story about who we are, what is possible and how the world works. We have been deluded into believing blame keeps us safe and protects us-it inhibits our potential and assures we will remain victims of the reoccurring oppression of our conditioned mind.To get Jay's book for free and to find out more about his work, please visit www.jayfiset.com/.

  • Joe Vitale: The World Is Our Mirror and the Reflection Is Consistent With Our Beliefs
    26 Fri,, Apr

    I am what is right with the world. I see and I am what is wrong with the world I see-reality is simply a reflection of our consciousness, consistent with our beliefs, agreements, and expectations. Best-selling author and star of the hit movie The Secret, Joe Vitale, joins Barnet and Freeman for a truly insightful conversation about consciousness and responsibility.

  • Craig Hamilton: The Evolutionary Impulse
    19 Fri,, Apr

    Craig Hamilton joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness to discuss the evolutionary impulse. We are moving from a survival mentality, in which the focus has been on us, as individuals, to a new orientation where we see ourselves as part of a greater organism-moving from self-interest to shared interest and relating to shared interest as being in our self-interest. To learn more about Craig's amazing work, please visit: www.integralenlightenment.com/.

  • The Show About a “No-Show”
    12 Fri,, Apr

    When a guest cancels an hour before we are scheduled to tape, Barnet gets really "triggered." This is a wonderful show, exploring releasing our feelings from stories. And lots of other "powerful insights from the edge of possibility."

  • Judith Wright: Transformation
    5 Fri,, Apr

    Dr. Judith Wright joins Barnet and Freeman for a powerful conversation about transformation. Judith believes the purpose of childhood is formation-the purpose of adulthood is transformation. This is a re-matrixing process where we work through conditioning and embrace a sense of "becoming."

  • Darryl Anka (Bashar): It's NOT Law of Attraction
    29 Fri,, Mar

    It may seem as if we are attracting things to us-that is, perhaps, how we experience manifesting-but it is really a frequency that generates outcomes. Darryl Anka, channel for Bashar, joins Barnet and Freeman for another amazing conversation on Cutting Edge Consciousness.

  • GPS for the Soul: HeartMath and the Huffington Post Team Up
    22 Fri,, Mar

    Deborah Rozman of HeartMath® joins Barnet and Freeman to talk about some amazing new technology developed with Arianna Huffington to support spiritual coherence. This is a GREAT conversation-don't miss it!

  • The Matter of Energy States—Both Internal and External
    15 Fri,, Mar

    The energy of matter-all matter-organizes around energy. Our own sense of mattering has a profound effect on the world that we generate and create by means of the energy of our thoughts and actions.

  • Cheryl Esposito—New Level of Leadership
    8 Fri,, Mar

    The world is changing fast and new competencies will be required moving forward-a new level of personal authority and authentic leadership will be necessary. Leading corporate coach, trainer, and thought leader Cheryl Esposito joins Barnet and Freeman for this powerful conversation.

  • Lisa Garr: A Pioneer of the Consciousness Conversation
    1 Fri,, Mar

    With 12 years and 2,400 hours of interviews, Lisa Garr has been a pioneer in the consciousness conversation. In this show, Barnet and Freeman discuss the power and impact of being in the consciousness conversation.

  • Paul Scheele: A Social Heretic in Love With Liminality
    22 Fri,, Feb

    On this episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness, Paul Scheele discusses loving liminality-a space of openness to something yet undiscovered. We, as a culture, have been so in love with what we "know" ... in today's world the only thing that we can really know is that the world of today is not going to be the world of tomorrow. To meet the challenges, there must be a certain reverence for the process of learning, discovering, and redefining-everything is up for reinterpretation. Social heretics are a very important part of our world today. They are on the edge of learning-establishing new practices and new innovation.

  • Congressman Tim Ryan: Holding a Vision for a Mindful Nation
    15 Fri,, Feb

    Congressman Tim Ryan joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness for a compelling conversation about mindfulness. The Congressman holds a vision for new possibilities-for both solving existing problems and generating new systems that could greatly improve the quality of life in America.

  • The Gift That Comes From the Mystery of "More"
    8 Fri,, Feb

    It is not enough to be passionate. It is not enough to be talented. It is not enough to be skilled. There is a convergence of all of these factors that occurs in a mysterious way when we expand beyond our comfort zone and stretch toward "more." Genius is ALWAYS a stretch, a gift that comes from a space of unknown-but this is an unknown that is full of expectation-we must expect that there is something great right beyond our ability to fully perceive and/or conceive of it. Something magical occurs when we have just enough talent, ability, and passion to wander into a miraculous expression that flows through us- but it is far bigger than us-it is a gift.

  • Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and John Raatz: A New Normal
    1 Fri,, Feb

    At what point is "New Thought" not "new" anymore? Most of us relate to consciousness material as a "Paradigm Shift"-but in this episode Freeman has a conversation with two thought leaders who are relating to the world from the perspective of a "New Normal"-which at some point won't be "new" anymore. Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. was raised by wisdom teachers (his famous father Don Miguel Ruiz and his shaman grandmother)-he grew up with ideas that are becoming normal. He models this material and talks about it from a profoundly familiar perspective. John Raatz has founded GATE (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment), which is an organization committed to creative perception and expanding the role media play in the evolution of human consciousness.

  • SARK: Succulent Lives Are Created Via Intentional Perception and Interpretation
    25 Fri,, Jan

    Freeman and Barnet are joined by SARK for a "succulent" conversation about becoming the conscious architect of our lives using creative perception and interpretation. Succulent lives require a commitment to a creative process-a willingness to extend beyond our comfort zones, in every area of our lives.

  • Sex With Our Wives: The Edge of Intimacy
    18 Fri,, Jan

    Our second annual "wives" show-we are talking SEX this time. Looking at our relationships and intimacy in terms of potential and our "edge."

  • Dumbed Down and Dulled by Divorce
    11 Fri,, Jan

    Grief expert Ken Druck joins the conversation and describes the powerful effect that unprocessed grief has on us. One of the painful patterns is a numbness not only within ourselves but in how we witness and interact with the world around us. As Ken puts it, "Unprocessed grief becomes indifference to the pain of other people-unprocessed grief dulls us, dumbs us down." To which Freeman ads: "We become less trustworthy to ourselves and others." Listen in and learn how to unravel this pattern.

  • Relationship Visioning With Tom Feldman and Liana Chaouli
    28 Fri,, Dec

    Most relationships lack vision-they start off inspired but quickly slip into unconscious patterns. Attracting and sustaining a conscious relationship takes vision. Relationship expert Tom Feldman joins host Freeman Michaels and guest cohost Liana Chaouli for an enlightening conversation about relationship visioning.

  • Newtown Shooting—A Spiritual Perspective With Bill Bauman
    21 Fri,, Dec

    Bill Bauman joins Barnet and Freeman for a candid conversation about the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Allowing life to be messy and complex is Spiritual. Nothing about this situation is easy-it hurts, it is confusing and baffling. A deeply Spiritual perspective is not simple-it is about embracing what is challenging and hard about being human.

  • Adoption Trauma With Noah Rothschild and Sophie Bain
    14 Fri,, Dec

    There is a fundamental trauma that occurs when a child is adopted. It doesn't matter how loving the families involved are-there is a primal wound that must be addressed. In this episode, Freeman is joined by Barnet's adopted daughter, Sophia Bain, and adoption expert Noah Rothschild to discuss this profound topic.

  • Simon Mainwaring: Evolving From "Me" to "We"
    7 Fri,, Dec

    The world is evolving and the old paradigm of competition and self-interest is becoming less and less effective. We are moving into the cooperation age, where shared values and shared vision generate powerful results. Simon Mainwaring joins Barnet and Freeman for an important conversation about the new operating system that is sweeping the planet.

  • Gay Hendricks: What Is Enough?
    30 Fri,, Nov

    With the holiday season upon us, there is a lot of pressure to buy "stuff"-which motivates a discussion on Cutting Edge Consciousness about what is "enough." Gay Hendricks joins the conversation with Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels for a very sincere discourse about the challenge of gauging "enough."

  • Joe Dispenza—Patterned Perception Organizes Reality
    23 Fri,, Nov

    "What you believe is what you perceive!" Joe Dispenza joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels for a remarkable conversation about reality. Our individual and collective "reality" organizes around patterns of thinking, patterns of behavior, and emotional patterns. Our brain and our entire nervous system coordinate the chemical responses needed to maintain familiar experiences.

  • Blaine Bartlett: The Qualities in a Miracle
    16 Fri,, Nov

    One of the qualities of a miracle is that those of us who are witnesses to it are changed-if we are not changed then it is not miraculous. It has to entirely reconfigure our sense of ourselves-deepen our heart, deepen our connection, deepen our sense of what is possible, deepen our sense of what is probable; it just completely restructures who we are.Blaine Bartlett joins Freeman Michaels and Barnet Bain on Cutting Edge Consciousness for a discussion about the qualities in a miracle.

  • Mark Nepo: Wakefulness—An Empowered Response to Cancer
    9 Fri,, Nov

    New York Times best-selling author Mark Nepo joins Barnet Bain on Cutting Edge Consciousness to talk about his experience with cancer-specifically the gift that it gave him. Both men talk about a maturity in having thoughtfully traveled through certain life challenges that makes us wise. Every challenge in life holds an opportunity-there is a journey inward to find a meaning that elevates our challenges to a particular level where we can receive a gift that is unique to our individual being and circumstance. The gift comes when we surrende-surrender is not about resignation-it is about a deep and profound level of acceptance-offering our will to flow with a current that reveals what is good and true within and on the other side of our challenges.

  • Debbie Ford
    2 Fri,, Nov

    Debbie Ford, Freeman Michaels and Barnet Bain meet at the edge of possibility on Cutting Edge Consciousness to discuss the opportunities that emerge when we embrace our shadow, reclaim the denied parts of ourselves, forgive ourselves our flaws and shortcomings, and make peace with our humanity.Debbie Ford is a transformational coach and speaker and has been a teacher for more than 20 years. She is the creator of the renowned Shadow Process Workshop, the executive producer of The Shadow Effect transformational documentary, and founder of The Ford Institute. Debbie is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and best-selling author of eight books.

  • Maria Simone: A Spiritual Model for Making Money
    26 Fri,, Oct

    Maria Simone joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness and blows out the entire definition of prosperity-we are talking about a new "spiritual model" for making money. This spiritual perspective opens up a whole new dialogue about money, purpose and possibility.

  • Mikki Willis: Elevate Your Life
    19 Fri,, Oct

    Founder of Elevate Films, Mikki Willis joins Barnet Bain and Freeman Michaels on Cutting Edge Consciousness for an engaging conversation about creating your life. We all need to find a place where we can be authentic, grow, learn and create-we need a balance of both solitude and community. From a young age, all three of these creative men have been drawn toward a unique destiny that has sometimes been elusive-but when they are in this place it feels natural, it feels like home.

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