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This Author: Grenville Kleiser
This Narrator: Betsie Bush, Maria Morabe
This Publisher: LibriVox

Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases by Grenville Kleiser

Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

by Grenville Kleiser

Product Details

Unabridged Edition
Running Time
15 Hrs. 15 Min.
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  4.1  Stars Based on 7 ratings
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One of the most popular Librivox audio books on our site is Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases by Grenville Kleiser. This book's subtitle is A Practical Handbook of Pertinent Expressions, Striking Similes, Literary, Commercial, Conversational, and Oratorical Terms, for the Embellishment of Speech and Literature, and The Improvement of the Vocabulary of Those Persons Who Read, Write, and Speak English. The book introduces the importance of the useful phrase and how best to use this book in building your vocabulary. It then dives into 15,000 useful phrases in alphabetical order. This 15-hour unabridged audio book is read by a group of volunteer narrators at Librivox, and is available on MP3 audio download. Expand and empower your use of the English language with this classic vocabulary-building text!

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  • Introduction

  • How To Use This Book

  • Plan Of Study

  • Useful Phrases: abandoned hope - ample culture

  • Useful Phrases: amusing artlessness - azure sky

  • Useful Phrases: babbling gossip - bygone period

  • Useful Phrases: cabalistic phrase - collateral duties

  • Useful Phrases: collective wisdom - contingent reasons

  • Useful Phrases: continuous endeavor - cynical disregard

  • Useful Phrases: damaging admission - diligently propagated

  • Useful Phrases: dim comprehension - dynastic insolence

  • Useful Phrases: eager animosity - entrancing sadness

  • Useful Phrases: enveloping presence - exultant condition

  • Useful Phrases: facetious mood - flickering conscience

  • Useful Phrases: flighty obstinacy - futile babble

  • Useful Phrases: gabbling reminiscences - gymnastic agility

  • Useful Phrases: habitual deference - hysterical agitation

  • Useful Phrases: iconoclastic attitude - incipient fancy

  • Useful Phrases: incisive critic - inquisitional rack

  • Useful Phrases: inquisitive observer - isolated splendor

  • Useful Phrases: jaded sensibility - lying equivocations

  • Useful Phrases: maddening monotony - meteoric splendors

  • Useful Phrases: methodical regularity - mythical kingdom

  • Useful Phrases: naive manner - overworked drudge

  • Useful Phrases: pacific disposition - political malcontent

  • Useful Phrases: polluting taints - pyrotechnic outburst

  • Useful Phrases: quailing culprit - remarkable sagacity

  • Useful Phrases: remedial measure - ruthless commercialism

  • Useful Phrases: sacerdotal preeminence - shuddering reluctance

  • Useful Phrases: shuffling preliminaries - starched sterility

  • Useful Phrases: starlit eminence - systematic interaction

  • Useful Phrases: tacit assumption - tyrannical disposition

  • Useful Phrases: ubiquitous activity - undue predilection

  • Useful Phrases: undulating hills - unpalatable truth

  • Useful Phrases: unparalleled atrocities - utmost scorn

  • Useful Phrases: vacant stupidity - vulnerable foe

  • Useful Phrases: wabbling enterprise - zoologically considered

  • Significant Phrases: abashed and ashamed - awkwardness and crudity

  • Significant Phrases: babel and confusion - civilized and cultured

  • Significant Phrases: clamorous and wild - cynical and contemptuous

  • Significant Phrases: dangers and pitfalls - digressive and wanton

  • Significant Phrases: dilatory and hesitating - dwindle and disappear

  • Significant Phrases: eagerness and ecstasy - exuberant and infectious

  • Significant Phrases:fabulous and fabricated - futile and untrustworthy

  • Significant Phrases:gaiety and grace - hypocrisy and impudence

  • Significant Phrases: ideas and achievements - indomitable and dogged

  • Significant Phrases:indorsed and applauded - isolated and detached

  • Significant Phrases: jabber and chatter - luxury and pomp

  • Significant Phrases: madness and folly - mystic and wonderful

  • Significant Phrases: nagging and squabbling - overworked and fagged

  • Significant Phrases: pains and penalties - puzzled and affected

  • Significant Phrases: quackery and incompetence - rust and disuse

  • Significant Phrases: sad and melancholy - spacious and lofty

  • Significant Phrases: sparkling and spontaneous - sympathetic and consoling

  • Significant Phrases: taciturn and laconic - tyrant and oppressor

  • Significant Phrases: unaccountable and grotesque - vulgar and artificial

  • Significant Phrases: wandering and erratic - zigzag and deviating

  • Felicitous Phrases: ability, humor, and perspicacity - busy, active, and toiling

  • Felicitous Phrases: curious, fantastic, and charming - calculated, logical, and dispassionate

  • Felicitous Phrases:dwarfed, scant, and wretched - danger, difficulty, and hardship

  • Felicitous Phrases: eagerness, heartiness, and vehemence - fustian, padding, and irrelevancy

  • Felicitous Phrases:gaunt, desolate, and despoiled - humor, fancy, and susceptibility

  • Felicitous Phrases: idle, profuse, and profligate - luxurious, whimsical, and selfish

  • Felicitous Phrases: magnificent, sumptuous, and stately - overriding, arrogant, and quarrelsome

  • Felicitous Phrases:pain, toil, and privation - puzzles, tangles, and questionings

  • Felicitous Phrases: quarrels, misunderstandings, and enmities - rush, roar, and shriek

  • Felicitous Phrases: sacredness, dignity, and loveliness - sympathy, service, and compassion

  • Felicitous Phrases: talent, scholarship, and refinement - wrinkled, careworn, and pale

  • Impressive Phrases: able, skilful,... - business, profession,...

  • Impressive Phrases: candid, sincere,... - dull, heavy,...

  • Impressive Phrases: earth, air,... - gross, academic,..

  • Impressive Phrases: habit, custom,... - lucidity, impressiveness,...

  • Impressive Phrases: malice, anger,... - purpose, meaning,...

  • Impressive Phrases: quack, imposture,... - symmetry, proportion,..

  • Impressive Phrases: tact, courtesy,... - worry, annoyance,...

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": abandon of spontaneity - business of life

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": cadences of delirium - dust of defeat

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": earnestness of enthusiasm - futility of pride

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": gaiety of spirit - irony of life

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": jangle of sounds - overflow of vitality

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": page of desolation - ruts of conventionality

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": sadness of soul - system of aspersion

  • Prepositional Phrases "of": taint of megalomania - zone of delusion

  • Prepositional Phrases "by": affected by externals - hushed by denial

  • Prepositional Phrases "by": impelled by duty - wrenched by emotions

  • Prepositional Phrases "in": absorbed in meditation - kept in abeyance

  • Prepositional Phrases "in": landmarks in memory - weak in conception

  • Prepositional Phrases "into": abashed into silence - goaded into action

  • Prepositional Phrases "into": hushed into silence - withdraw into solitude

  • Prepositional Phrases "to": addicted to flattery - hostile to progress

  • Prepositional Phrases "to": impervious to suggestion - yield to reason

  • Prepositional Phrases "with": abounding with plenty - intoxicated with joy

  • Prepositional Phrases "with": kindle with enthusiasm - work with zeal

  • Business Phrases

  • Literary Expressions: A bitterness crept into her face - A nimble-witted opponent

  • Literary Expressions: A painful thought was flooding his mind - A wordless farewell

  • Literary Expressions: Absolutely vulgarized by too perpetual a parroting - Awaiting his summons to the eternal silence

  • Literary Expressions: Bandied about from mouth to mouth - Dull black eyes under their precipice of brows

  • Literary Expressions: Earth danced under a heat haze - Guilty of girlish sentimentality

  • Literary Expressions: Half choked by a rising paroxysm of rage - Humiliating paltriness of revenge

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